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Car Leasing

Leasign benefits

Smart companies know that leasing can be a smart way to acquire equipment. They understand that ownership doesn't always make sense and that interest rates are just part of the picture. Consider the many benefits of leasing.


Conserve Cash

Poor cash flow is one of the primary reasons businesses fail. Paying cash for equipment, or even making large down payments, can deplete your reserves. Leasing helps you hang on to your cash, because it provides:

  • No down payments

  • 100% financing, including "soft" costs like shipping, installation and training

  • No application fees

  • Affordable, flexible monthly payments


Never Be Obsolete

Technology changes fast. Don't get tied down with equipment whose time has come and gone. Leasing gives you the agility to adapt to changes painlessly.

  • Match lease terms to expected useful life of the equipment  

  • Maximize productivity by using the latest equipment  

  • Flexible options let you replace or upgrade equipment


Enjoy Tax Advantages

There are two ways leasing can help you manage your tax liability. As always, Key encourages you to consult your tax advisor.

  • With some leases, payments are fully tax deductible

  • Other leases offer the tax benefits of ownership (depreciation and interest expense deductions)


Greater Flexibility

Many different leasing options let you design a financing plan around the needs of your business, whether your priority is:

  • Guaranteed ownership  

  • The flexibility to return the equipment  

  • Specified purchase options  

  • Varying monthly payments to match seasonal cash flow

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